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The Undergraduate degree is the first academic title which offers a starting point for your career. Thus, we are committed to provide high-quality graduates with sound academic background and strong personal grounding which will greatly assist you to cope with professional life.

This degree requires completion of 144 credits, which is barely called Satuan Kredit Semester or SKS. One SKS is equivalent to 50 minutes of attending lectures, 50 minutes of guided assignment, 50 minutes of self learning, including some class projects and examinations as well. In addition to the conventional learning methods, the curriculum of the program would also include industrial visits, apprenticeship, and final project in the last semester of the study period.

The admission of an Undergraduate Program at IE-ITS requires that you passed senior high school with satisfactory grade. The admission procedure of ITS Undergraduate program can be accessed via the website: http://smits.its.ac.id/