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Master Program in Industrial Engineering aims to equip students with advance knowledge and skills related to planning, organizing, contolling, and improving complex industrial systems. We offer five concentrations in our master program:

  1. Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LSCM)
  2. Quality and Manufacturing Management (QMM)
  3. Industrial Systems Optimization (ISO)
  4. Industrial Ergonomic and Safety (IES)
  5. Strategic Performance Management (SPM)

Students have to complete 36 credit semesters which consists of compulsary courses, elective courses, and thesis. The normal duration for completing the master degree program is two years, but outstanding students could complete it in 1,5 years. The thesis work has 6 credit semester where a student will be supervised by two faculty members. Students should present the thesis proposal orally in fron of the panel of examiner. When the thesis report is completed, students have to defend their thesis as well. As part of the degree requirements, students have to present their thesis work in a national or international conference or publish it in an academic journal.

The admission process is held twice a year. More information about the admission process is avalable inhttp://www.pasca.its.ac.id/.

The first semester starts in early September, while the second semester begins in early February. Magister Teknik (MT) degree will be awarded to graduates who have passed all the degree requirements.

We also have collaboration with universities in other countries for a double/joint degree. For example, we have run a double degree with the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST), AIT (Bangkok) and Pusan National University (PNU, Korea). Students can choose to do the final part of their study (including the thesis work) in partner universities. A similar arrangement is being initiated with other well respected universities.

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