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[tabby title=”About IE Practical Work Program“]

Mastering the knowledge of engineering is deemed inadequate for IE graduates to compete at their first career path. The soft skills to implement the knowledge for problem solving is considered equally important. Thus, IE department through the Practical Work program, provides a chance for students to directly get involved in the functions where IE applications are relevant.

The Practical Work program aims to help students achieve the key competences reflected in the program educational objectives and IE curriculum. In more detail, the objectives of Practical Work program are to:

  1. Make students understand the technical roles as an Industrial Engineer
  2. Make students experience the real activities of IE profession in industry or other types of business
  3. Improve students communication skills and team work as well as presentation skills
  4. Build and enhance students’ ability to develop a good formal report containing quality information, concise, communicative and systematic

[tabby title=”Requirements“] IE Practical Work program is only eligible for active students in IE Department of ITS that have passed 80 credits at the time applying the Practical Work program. All the process from application submission, proposing the firms, and up to the evaluation should follow the Practical Work procedures of IE Department. In addition, below are some terms and conditions required for Practical Work students.

  1. The selected Practical Work firm should has adequate IE function within the business process. It may be a profit or non-profit organization.
  2.  The Practical Work program weighs 2 credits. Thus, it should be carried out for at least 1 month and maximum 2 months including the reporting and evaluation process.
  3. The Practical Work can be done individually or in group of 2 students.
  4. The Practical Work time should not interfere the schedule of lecturing activities.
  5. During the Practical Work, students should consult and report with both internal and external supervisor.
  6. Practical Work students should develop reports and fill out the logbook in the required format.
  7. Students must submit the report and complete all the evaluation within 2 months after the Practical Work starts.

[tabby title=”Procedures“] General Procedure

  1. Students enroll the Practical Work program at www.simkp.its.ac.id. Upon the completion of the enrollment, students will receive verification e-mail and information on the next steps should be taken. If students do not receive any email within 72 hours, students should report to the Practical Work liaison at the IE Department Student Service Centre (SSC).
  2. The verification email will provide a link where students can download the proposals and the cover letter for maximum 2 companies/firms/organizations proposed by students. This documents should be printed out and submitted to the SSC for legalization (stamped and signed by the Department Head).
  3. Students send the legalized documents via post mail or e-mail, depending on the firms’ requirement.
  4. The Practical Work can be arranged when at least one of the selected firms send an acceptance letter. If both proposed firms accepts the proposals, students should choose one of the two and confirm it through the Practical Work website. The other firm will be offered to other Practical Work applicants though the announcement page on the Practical Work website.
  5. If both firms reject the proposals, or no reply are received within two months, students should repeat the process again (starts from step 1). It is students’ responsibility to monitor and follow up the proposal progress with the firms.
  6. For those accepted at the proposed firm, the Practical Work coordinator in the IE department will assign a lecturer (internal supervisor) to supervise the students. At the same time, students are also required to reply the letter from the firm.
  7. Students may start the Practical Work with the permit and given time from the firm. During the Practical Work, students should report to both external supervisor (from the firm) and internal supervisor. Evaluation should be performed before the given deadline.
  8. External supervisor is required to give the students an assessment result either through an email, the website, or in a sealed envelope delivered/sent to the Practical Work liaison at the department of IE.

Practical Work Liaison

Doddy Hartanto
dody.hartanto@yahoo.com, dody_hartanto@ie.its.ac.id
HP : +62 821 4100 9944
  Ni’matus Sholihah
Phone : +62 31 5939361
Fax : +62 31 5939362