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[tabby title=”About IE Internship Program“]In IE department, we believe that soft skills and experience are as important as mastering the engineering knowledge. To prepare our graduates with experience and required soft skills in the work place, we open a wide opportunity for students to be a part of a real team in industry through the Internship Program. A three months internship will be awarded 3 credits of elective course namely Internship I (course code: TI141492). Students may also do the internship in a longer period i.e. 6 months, and it will be awarded 6 credits from two elective courses: Internship I (TI141492) and Internship II (TI141493).

The internship program aims to support students in improving their:

  • Understanding of IE knowledge application in a real problem
  • Ability to identify business function related to resources (man-material-machine-money-method), customer, and supplier
  • Ability to integrate the functions within a business
  • Analytical skills, especially in relation with IE profession
  • Problem solving skills in the area of IE application
  • Communication skills

[tabby title=”Requirements“]

Following are requirement for internship program:

  • To enroll Internship I (TI141492), students should pass at least 130 credits including Industrial Planning I (TI141323)
  • The internship may start when student has been approved by the company and the department evidenced by an acceptance letter from the company where students intend to do the internship and a letter from the department.
  • During the internship, student should choose one problem or area of improvement in the company from where a recommendation or solution will be developed.
  • In the process of developing the solution of the selected problem, student is required to consult with the supervisor and the team in the company, as well as the supervisor in the department.

[tabby title=”Assessment Process“]
In the internship program, the assessment is performed by evaluating the following:

  • Attendance level in the company
  • Presentation on the project result
  • Quality of report

The assessment is performed by two assessors, a representative from the company and a supervisor from IE department of ITS.

Internship Liaison

Anny Maryani
HP : +62 811 4309 551 
  Ni’matus Sholihah
Phone : +62 31 5939361
Fax : +62 31 5939362